Globalization and Urban Change

Professor: David Roberts
Course code: JGU216H1
Format: Lecture

About this course

Globalization – or the movement of people, things, money, and ideas across international boundaries – has had a profound impact on cities and urban life. In Globalization and Urban Change, we will explore the effects of globalization on various cities throughout the world through a case-study approach. You will learn about globalization in relation to colonial cities, world-class cities, multicultural cities, cities of the underdeveloped world, securitized cities, and future cities.

These different labels  applied to urban spaces are not meant to be mutually exclusive, but rather a useful way of thinking about how and when globalization intersects with urban change.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop an understanding of globalization and how it impacts urbanization.
  • Learn the factors that affect how people experience globalization and urban change in cities at different moments in history, and in various parts of the world.

Course highlights

This course is open to all students – especially those interested in the Urban Studies Program or urban geography. It is framed as an introductory course – no specific background preparation is necessary to succeed.

Your instructor

Good to know

Recommended preparation: GGR124

Exclusions: JGI216

Distribution requirements: Social Science

Breadth requirements: Society and its Institutions (3)

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