Architects, economists, engineers, geographers, political scientists, and urban planners (to name a few) all study the city from a range of disciplinary perspectives. The Urban Studies Program at Innis College is based on a recognition of this multidisciplinarity. It aims to provide students with a multitude of lenses through which to observe, interpret, and understand urban life.


The program is suited for those students who wish to study cities using several disciplinary approaches. It is also of interest to those students who wish to become involved in city-building, community development, social justice, and other urban issues in Toronto. The program offers a range of course-based experiential learning opportunities. Internships, placements, and community engaged learning all enhance student experience and provide our students with unique opportunities for outside the classroom learning. Class sizes are typically small and interaction with other students and professors is enriched.


Because urban issues are so varied, a Specialist, Major, or Minor in Urban Studies combines well with many other programs of study. Students are advised to consult the Program Office when designing programs that meet their particular interests.


The program also encourages students to explore global educational opportunities to broaden their knowledge of cities.