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U of T x Regent Park Focus

A Collaborative Media and Research Initiative


The students in Professor Aditi Mehta‘s course INI430H1: Youth, Arts, & Engagement in Cities have collaborated with a cohort of teenage Muslim women, collectively known as the Divas Girls, living in Regent Park. Together, they create media projects about Regent Park and the lived experiences of its residents.


Their mission: “We believe that bringing together university students and Regent Park youths creates a unique environment for learning about our social world and social processes. Often in universities, entrenched social norms and established institutional structures silence different types of knowledge. We aim to shake that paradigm.”


Check out the projects from students enrolled in INI430H1 in Winter 2020:


-Religious Institutions in Regent Park– by Daria Mancino


-Documenting Religious In-Betweenness In Regent Park – by Alejandra Cortez Paz, Brittany Livingston and Nathan Wener


-Sharing Regent Park: Reflections On Faith And The Built Form – by Rushay Naik, Kamila Seitkhanova and Xinyi Yu


-Identities And Interactions Of Chinese And Muslim Youth: From Regent Park To The University Of Toronto – by Jiyuan Liu and Andrew Yin


For past projects and more, please visit the course website.