David Roberts

Urban Studies Program

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David Roberts

Director &

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream



Room 303, Innis College

2 Sussex Avenue


Teaching in 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Session:


URB235H1F A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Urban Studies I: Theoretical Foundations of City Building


URB338H1F City Challenges, City Opportunities in a 21st Century Toronto (click here to read the U of T News article about this course)


URB236H1S A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Urban Studies II: Urban Challenges and Theoretical Application


David Roberts, PhD (Toronto) is an associate professor, teaching stream and director of the Urban Studies Program. He holds BAs in Political Science and Business Administration (University of Washington) and an MA and PhD in Geography (U of T). He also serves as a Faculty Advisor for First in the Family Peer Mentorship Program and is the Faculty Coordinator for the Arts and Science Teaching and Learning Community of Practice. His research and teaching interests include the geographies of race and racialization, urban infrastructure planning, and the politics of public participation in urban knowledge production and policymaking. He has a particular interest in how members of marginalized communities work to shape and reshape urban spaces, politics, and experiences. His doctoral research used the 2010 World Cup as a basis for examining tensions between planning directed at the social development of the post-apartheid city in South Africa versus planning designed to support the needs of a visiting tourist class. He continues to be interested in the relationship between hosting mega-events and other contemporary trends in urbanization.