Laura Visan

Urban Studies Program

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Laura Visan

Sessional Instructor

Teaching in the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Session:


URB437Y1Y: Urban Experiential Learning in Toronto & the GTA

Laura Visan is currently teaching in the Arts, Culture and Media Department at the University of Toronto Scarborough. In one of the experiential learning courses she recently developed students created communication projects for a GTA municipality and for a non-governmental organization in Toronto.


She earned her PhD in Communication from York University, with a thesis on the civic participation practices of the Romanian immigrants in Toronto. Her research interests include urban communication and city branding, with a focus on the former communist countries of Eastern Europe. Her most recent publication is: “Recuperate, Recycle, Reuse: Adaptive Solutions for the Socialist Architecture of Bucharest”. In Lisa B. W. Drummond and D. Young (Eds.), Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms – Critical Reflections from a Global Perspective. University of Toronto Press, 2020, Pp. 168-184.