Negin Minaei

Urban Studies Program

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Negin Minaei (002)

Negin Minaei

Sessional Instructor

Teaching in 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Session:


URB342H1F Qualitative Research in Urban Studies


Negin Minaei holds a PhD in Urbanism, a master’s degree in Architectural Engineering and a master’s degree in Environmental Psychology. She also completed a full-time Postgraduate Research Program (PGR) in Transnational Spaces (Bauhaus, Germany). As a university faculty and lecturer, she has taught more than 36 courses at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD, in more than 10 fields related to architectural engineering, and urbanism (urban studies, design and planning) in different universities and countries for two decades including University of Windsor (Canada), RAU(UK), Shandong Agricultural University(China), IAU and Bahonar University(Iran) and Bauhaus Dessau (Germany). Currently, as a sessional lecturer, she is teaching ‘Qualitative Research in Urban Studies’ at the Innis College and Sustainable Buildings at the Ryerson University. Also, she is a visiting scholar at the City Institute at the York University.


Since she started her post-doctoral studies in sustainable urbanism in the UK in 2012, she has researched and delivered seminars on climate change and urban challenges, authored articles and chapters on cities and environments, Smart Cities, Sustainable Smart cities, Self-sufficient Cities, and Sustainable urbanism, impacts of IT, TC and advanced technologies on Global Cities, GPS and transport modes and their impacts on people’s navigation and their cognitive maps, Echo-Tech architecture using active/passive solar design systems and Zero-Energy buildings. She is interested in healthy buildings, healthy cities, and future cities too.