Creative Citizens and the Art of Discovery

Professor: Alan Webb
Course code: URB433H1
Format: Seminar/Experiential

About this course

How can art shape our experience of the city? This course explores our understanding of urban space through the lens of public art, engaging multiple perspectives ranging from artists’ practices, community participation to municipal policy, while prompting questions of access and inclusion, memory and monuments, urban transformation, and more.

What you’ll learn

  • How to engage with art to explore the public realm with empathy and curiosity
  • Discover multivalent approaches to creatively participating in the life of the city
  • Develop an understanding of how events, personalities, and decisions of the past have contributed to shaping the urban environment of the present

Course highlights

In URB433H1S, students will have the opportunity to take part in experiential learning which is integrated with several focused expeditions in the field (walking tours), supported by research and readings to situate Toronto and its creative public realm in a global and historical context.

Good to know

Recommended preparation: URB235, URB236


Distribution requirements: Social Science

Breadth requirements:

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