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The Urban Studies Program (USP) has three dedicated scholarships and awards designed to recognize and support Innis College students in the program. Innis College also has a number of other awards open to Innis students in many programs and courses.

USP scholarships and awards

Weisdorf Bell Family Undergraduate Award in Urban Studies

To be awarded to (a) full-time, undergraduate Innis College student(s) who is enrolled in the Urban Studies Program at the University of Toronto on the basis of financial need.

Harold Innis Founation Scholarship

To be awarded on the basis of financial need and academic merit to Innis College degree students in the Faculty of Arts & Science enrolled in an Urban Studies specialist, major, or minor program.

Frank Cunningham Award for Admission to Programs at Innis College

To be awarded to the Innis College undergraduate student with the highest CGPA entering an Innis College academic program.

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Innis College scholarships and awards would not be possible without the generosity of our dedicated donors, who include faculty, staff, alumni and their families, and friends of the College.

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Thanks from...

Andrew Yin, scholarship recipient

Andrew YinComing into Innis and Urban Studies as a transfer student and someone who was still struggling with my identity, the awards not only provided me with financial support, but also, more importantly, moral encouragement to keep delving into the fascinating field of urban studies, which led to two great internship opportunities during my undergraduate years. They also formed a part of my sense of belonging at Innis College, which is a feeling I’m very grateful to have, given how vast the U of T community is.

Andrew received the following:

Waqas Ahmad, scholarship recipient

Waqas AhmadDuring my time in the Urban Studies Program and at Innis College, I was humbled to obtain scholarships every year due to my commitment to academic excellence. These scholarships instilled in me the knowledge that by continuing to work hard, I could obtain anything I put my mind to. They played a significant role in my success and professional journey by giving me intellectual confidence, something I bring to my work on a daily basis as a city planner for the City of Pickering.

Waqas received the following: