Housing and Homelessness II: Behind the Frontline on Urban Homelessness

Professor: Alana Jones
Course code: URB433H1
Format: Lecture/Discussion

About this course

Students will explore the various theories related to frontline service providers, specifically those with lived experience in the homelessness-serving sector in Canada. In this course, students will examine the intersectionality of frontline staff with lived experiences and the complexities of navigating a barrier-burdened system. 

Based on the book, Behind the Frontline, students will explore relevant themes associated with homelessness, addiction, mental health, employment, barriers to accessing non-judgement support, systematic stigmatization, dual advocacy and self-care.  Additionally, discussion about the motivation to enter and/or stay in social service work, men’s mental health, The state of the non-profit section in Toronto, What it means to be a front-line worker (definition, job description formal, job description actual) and the Opioid crisis. 

Good to know

Recommended preparation: URB235H1 and URB236H1, completion of research design and research methods courses, 14.0 credits in an aligned social science program.

Exclusions: None

Distribution requirements: Social Science

Breadth requirements: Society and its Institutions (3)

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