Social Justice in the City

Professor: Pamela Fuentes Peralta
Course code: URB333H1
Format: Seminar

About this course

How do we make sure that everyone’s voice is heard in a large and complex city? The first half of URB333 will focus on understanding theories of justice, knowledge production, and power in the city. The second half of the course will use these frameworks to recognize the city from the perspective of various identities: Indigenous, feminist, queer, immigrant, racial/ethnic minority, youth, and others. We will investigate  several examples of participatory-action research that address the unique struggles of each population, and discuss how research can be a tool for resistance.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain an understanding of the different ways in which scholars and practitioners build knowledge about urban studies.
  • Develop a critical voice about urban research.
  • Explore the urban experience through the lenses of various identities, learning how to critique urban policy and plans accordingly.

Course highlights

This course is intended for third- and fourth-year students who have experience in the social sciences and/or humanities.

Good to know

Recommended preparation: URB235, URB236

Exclusions: INI333

Distribution requirements: Social Science

Breadth requirements: Society and its Institutions (3)

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